"OK, so what will it cost me?"

A completely new website for a small business or organization will usually cost somewhere around $1,500. Once we have discussed your specific needs, you will be given a detailed proposal with an exact quote. More advanced capabilities, such as e-commerce and credit card processing, or special needs such as customized modules or interfaces, could increase the cost to somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000, or perhaps more. On the other hand, modifications and upgrades to an existing site may cost substantially less.

Here are some example price points:

  • Add CMS to an existing website or customer-selected design: as low as $995
  • Adding responsive design features to an existing site: as low as $995
  • Customized website built on CMS with responsive design: starting at $1495
  • Website with custom modules or specialized features: starting at $1995
  • E-commerce website with one payment portal: starting at $2495

Perhaps most importantly, we will not abandon you once the final payment has been deposited. Vizlogix will fix any software error for free for up to one year after your website becomes operational. Additional maintenance agreements can be developed upon request.

A Note on Prices

These amounts of money may strike you as being higher than expected, but the question to ask yourself is:

What is it costing my business to have either no website or one that is outdated and difficult or impossible for me to change or update?

Before the web became so widespread, the Yellow Pages™ were the medium in which you listed and described your business. Now, it is the world wide web. Are you on it, or not?